Top 8 Russian off road vehicles

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Some of the vehicles we are writing about in this post are built for fun but most of these are designed for safety, army purposes or delivering of food and neccessary supplies to remote Siberian areas. We are talking about all kinds of obstacles. Swamps, snow, narrow forests, extremely low temperatures…
This technology is fully consistent with the operational requirements for this kind of work.  We are presenting you 8 vehicles made by the Russians. An ingenious nation for sure. It’s not easy to adapt in that kind of climate. Here we go! This is the first part of Top 8 Russian vehicles!

We’ll start this list with a few ordinary vehicles just to show you a few of their legendary designs.

1. Here we have the famous Lada Niva

Lada Niva is a probably one of best known off road vehicles ever. From the very beginning, only slight cosmetic changes were applied. Famous for its capabilities (when stock) but it is definately one of the worst nightmares for a mechanic.

It comes from Toljati (Russia). Used in Brasil, Canada, Australia and Europe. Various models were designed through its history, but the European market has only seen the basic model.

Next photo, a new model (2008) and an older model of Lada Niva (Please notice the difference). Exactly.

new lada niva old

2. UAZ 469

UAZ 469 had a bumpy history. It’s known for its off road capabilities and reliability. It is a simple, easy to maintain and easy to repair. Demands of the Soviet army was the main reason for this kind of effective mechanics.

It has gained huge popularity among off-road enthusiasts within Russia, former Soviet republics as well as Europe, Asia, Oceania, South America and Africa.

History of the UAZ 469 is really interesting and really long. So if you want to know all the details, please visit this link. Please continue scrolling if you want to see the rest of the list. I believe you do, we are getting closer!

dario saletnik uaz

Dario Saletnik from Croatia. He travelled across Europe and Asia with his UAZ 469!

3. Lets have a look at something more serious! The MAZ-537
(first photo)  and MAZ-543 heavy truck (second photo)!

russian maz heavy truck

This is it. Powered by 38.8 liter V12 diesel engine. it was designed as a heavy transporter for pulling of semi trailers. It was equipped with a winch for cargo transport and self-recovery purposes. The winch used a 100 meters long steel cable and had a working capacity of 15 tons!

The drivetrain of the MAZ-537 consists of a hydrodynamic transmission transferring power to the two front axles over a torque converter and a planetary three-stage gearbox with assisted steering (power steering) gear. But! If a vehicle has 4 axles, I expect 8×8. How disappointing, it’s 4×4.

Fortunately, a later model called MAZ-543 had ALL wheel drive. Other than that, the MAZ-543 was basically a same thing.

maz 543 army truck

4. DT-30 Vityaz articulated tracked vehicle


Russians have a strange need to constantly upgrade all terrain vehicles. Yes, we understand their terrain which is one of the most extreme. Ice and snow turn into swamps and mud during summer. It is hard to satisfy the army. It always was.

The DT-30 Vityaz was developed in early 1960s. It is a dual tracked vehicle powered by a 710HP V12 engine based on the T-64 main battle tank engine. The engine can be started at ambient temperature of -40 to +50 degrees celsius.

Russian soldiers positioned in rough environmental regions widely use DT-30 variants to carry army elements, ammunition and equipment, and install weapon systems. These vehicles also play a significant role during search and rescue operations carried out in extreme climatic and off road conditions.

This is what we chose. Last 4 vehicles on this list are to be announced soon! Thanks…

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Emilio Močibob

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Photographer, reporter and promoter for various off road competitions. Owner of the website. We are reporting from the biggest European events and we are trying to do a good job. I hope you like it. In the business since 2010.
Emilio Močibob
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Emilio Močibob

Photographer, reporter and promoter for various off road competitions. Owner of the website. We are reporting from the biggest European events and we are trying to do a good job. I hope you like it. In the business since 2010.

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