With about 50 countries and various weather conditions and geographical landscapes, off roading in Europe is the perfect destination to have fun with your 4×4 vehicle. There is no type of terrain you would not find. If you want ice, you can go to Iceland and Russia. If you want rally raid or a desert adventure, you can go to Spain or Portugal. If your off road choice is: forests, rivers, mud or rocks or anything else. Then Croatia, the United Kingdom, Netherlands among other countries will readily offer you such off road terrain. There are a number of 4×4 racing events in Europe. Europe off road racing offers the ultimate thrill and adventure for 4×4 enthusiasts.

17098023_10154392229174499_2474532122706218799_o_800x532 Welsh Xtrem 2017 by Nobby - It's been a tough year at The Welsh Xtrem HQ between one thing and another but you just got to get on with it. The event takes around a year for us to organiseand and I feel very lucky that my day job allows me to dedicate many hours to put things in place. I think it might be a giggle to try and write down how many hours #xtrem18 takes up. The core team arrived on site on Monday before the event, but had to detour to collect the Portacabins and Genny from a very kind supporter who let us have the equipment for a nominal fee so the task began. Sorting the camp area was a priority.
Les Comes 2017 (16)_800x533 Les Comes 2017 Photos - Photos by Ricardo Gomes Comment through Facebook! Related Post XTC Italy – Attimis 2016 Warn Trophy Italy 2015 – Vagli
_MG_2443_800x533 RFC South Europe Italy 2017 - The famous Rainforest Challenge Malaysia, what else do you want? It doesn't matter, the best we can get are the "RFC Global Series" races spread all over Europe. One of those races, the Rainforest Challenge South Euope 2017 is located in Italy (Udine). This will only be the second edition but the secret to getting ahead is getting started. From 26 to 28 May, land of vineyards and wines, Colio will host the second edition of this promising race. Simple and accurate, RFC South Europe (Italy) race will follow the rules of the famous Rainforest Challenge Malaysia.
Photo 10 (1 of 1)_1024x683 Croatia Trophy Italian Experience 2017 by P. Baraldi! - The countries represented at the event were Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Slovenia and Israel. Thanks to the particular morphology of the land of the powder magazine, the Croatia Trophy Italian Experience offered a fair glimpse of what will happen in Croatia from May 2 to 11. The inauguration took place on Thursday evening on February 23rd at the Hall of Attimis where the press conference was organized in the presence of local authorities. Friday, after scrutineering, we entered into the heart of the competition with the prologue that took place in pouring rain which made the short circuit a living hell for crews and for vehicles.
transsyilvania trophy 2017 Transsylvania Trophy 2017! Romania welcomes you in July - Each roadbook has an estimated time of 5 hours (average), although the maximum time allowed to finish the roadbook will be longer. So you'll have more than enough time to fix your vehicles on the rocks and in the mud located in the deep forests of Romania... And still finish the roadbook (hopefully) in time. A Sunday prologue, followed by five days of road book navigation (Sunday through Thursday) and one day for the Special Stage on Friday, topped by a gala party that will start Friday evening and end Saturday morning, will keep you both busy and happy.
exc final event EXC Final Event! - Italian brothers Arrigucci/Arrigucci (Team Evolution 4x4) and French Fernandes/Fernandes (father and son of Team Fernandes Brothers) have won the overall title in the Prepared and Prototypes categories. Both crews have faced EXC paths showing great determination, as well as performance of their vehicles, winning the final of Aquila d’Arroscia. This event saw the participation of 17 crews from Italy, France, Portugal and United Kingdom.
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