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The Club FRIULI FUORISTRADA with permission of Croatia Trophy in the person of Mr. Igor Bozikovic organizes the “CROATIA TROPHY ITALIAN EXPERIENCE 2017″ with the goal of promoting the event “CROATIA TROPHY 2017″.
Croatia Trophy Italian Experience 2017 will take place February 23 to 26 within the vast area of the former powder keg of Attimis (Udine – Italy). The morphology of the terrain is ideal for this type of competition and, albeit small, represents the essence of the true Croatia Trophy. The stages
and paths will be shorter and possibly repeated. The competition regulations follow closely the Croatia Trophy.


The purpose of the Croatia Trophy Italian Experience is to promote and encourage participation in the Croatia Trophy, which for the 2017 edition will be held in Topusko (www.croatia-trophy.org), is
between crews Italian than among Europeans. The track of the race is in the powder keg of Attimis; It will be unique with different variants depending on the category and the way the race will follow the procedures of the Croatia Trophy. Croatia Trophy Italian Experience 2017 is open to all teams and a maximum of 30 vehicles registered.

Any information, announcement or notification published on www.friulifuoristrada.it and Facebook page C.T. Italian Experience should be considered an integral part of the Regulations of the event.

After receiving your registration request email to prologocroatiatrophy@libero.it will send you a registration form, your race number and details for payment. Remember the number that will be assigned to speed up the completion of registration to the base camp where Enclosed will be delivered the sponsor stickers to be affixed on the cars before the mandatory technical checks.
The registration fee for both categories is € 500,00. Includes, for the three days of competition, breakfast in the morning and good meal for two person at lunch.
On the occasion of this edition of the parking of vans, trailer, tents, caravans or camper in the building will be free. For those who make the payment before 31.12.2016 is a discount of 10%. In any case, in order to
validate the registration is mandatory to pay a deposit of € 200.00. The maximum number of crews will be 30.

For both classes, the first prize will be a free entry to Croatia Trophy 2017. The free entry consist of the complete package including car + 2 drivers, car trailer and car towing /assistance to the value of € 1,800.00.
The prize for the second will be a vaucher offered by Euro4x4parts worth 400 Euros. Awards also for third place
In no case the prize will be turned into money or turned to someone without the permission of Igor Bozikovic.

Each crew must be made up of two people (pilot and copilot). Each crew member must hold a driving license valid and already own will be free to switch roles on the way. The cars are divided into Class “Trophy” class and “Adventure”, the class difference is in the equipment of the vehicle. The cars must be equipped with the Trophy class winch front and rear while the cars in class Adventure is required only the front winch and the portal axels are not allowed.
A further difference will be in the road book. Adventure class follows the Trophy class track but with different hard sections. For both classes there are check points along the way. For pilote and co-pilote is mandatory to have license UISP B1

Vehicles are prohibited with tare exceeding 3.5 tonnes. Each vehicle must have winchs firmly fixed to the frame.
They are also required the following equipment:
– Roll bar / roll cage
– seat belts
– Fire extinguisher of 2 kg firmly secured to the vehicle
– Spare tire is firmly secured to the vehicle (recommended for this edition)
– first-aid kit
– Horn / clackson functioning
– Strop from tree
– Strop at least 10 meters
– 2 crickets at least 3.5 t
– Tripmaster (recommended for this edition)
– Fuel tank of adequate size to ensure an autonomy of at least 30 km
You will have to carry water, food, medicine and personal effects, tools and spare parts for repairs.
Is not Allowed tractor type tires.
Is not allowed the possession and use of GPS during race.
Radios are not permitted except those for communication between the pilot and co-pilot.
During the stages must wear helmets and seat belts
For all the operations of winching or safety of the vehicle with the help of strops it is compulsory to wear gloves.

Thursday, 02.23
ore 9.00 opening camp and arrive first team
ore 14.30 opening to public and start scut of registration and scrutineering
ore 18.00 camp will be close
ore 19.00 press conference
Friday, 02.24
ore 9.00 opening camp and start scut of registration and scrutineering
ore 12.00 end of registration and scrutineering
ore 14.00 briefing
ore 14.30 start prologo
ore 19.30 briefing
ore 20.00 start 1^ special stage
Saturday, 02.25
ore 9.30 briefing
ore 10.00 start 2^ special stage
ore 13.00 finish 2^ special stage
ore 14.00 briefing
ore 14.30 start 3^ special stage
ore 18.30 finish 3^ special stage
Sunday, 02.26
ore 9:30 briefing
ore 10.00 start 4^ special stage
ore 15.00 finish 4^ special stage
16.ranking and prize living cerimony
Inside the former powder it is also prepared a special camping area.

www.friulifuoristrada.it – prologocroatiatrophy@libero.it
Marco +39 348 5235191
Press Office by KiT Project – Paolo Baraldi

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