Croatia Trophy Italian Experience 2017 by P. Baraldi!

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CROATIA TROPHY ITALIAN EXPERIENCE 2017, 23 – 26 february 2017 Attimis (Udine – Italy)
Mud and water were the key elements of the second edition of Croatia Trophy Italian Experience that took place on 23rd to 26th February in Attimis (UD). The intuition of the Friuli Fuoristrada, headed for the occasion by Marco Sparpaglione, to organize a competition that would be a prelude to the legendary Croatian race, has once again proven to be valid and appreciated by Italian off road racers.

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This is confirmed by the numerous subscribers to the Friulian event with crews coming even from Israel. The countries represented at the event were Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Slovenia and Israel. Thanks to the particular morphology of the land of the powder magazine, the Croatia Trophy Italian Experience offered a fair glimpse of what will happen in Croatia from May 2 to 11. The inauguration took place on Thursday evening on February 23rd at the Hall of Attimis where the press conference was organized in the presence of local authorities.

Friday, after scrutineering, we entered into the heart of the competition with the prologue that took place in pouring rain which made the short circuit a living hell for crews and for vehicles. In this first stage of the race the fastest were Filippo Morandini and Samuele Morganti in the Trophy category and Simone Cognini and Andrea Aguzzi for the Adventure category; both crews belonging to Evolution 4×4 team. Although on this occasion the weather was inclement, all have shown great tenacity in dealing with the special stage by declaring right now that they want to “fight” to grab the coveted prize: a free pass for Croatia Trophy 2017.

On Saturday and Sunday we entered into the heart of the race with teams committed to exhaustion for having the best of the difficult and slippery paths more than their opponents. All participants were the real stars of this “experience” putting in all their determination to get to the finish line. In the category Adventure, Simone Cognini from the early stages of the race he made his intentions clear by grinding laps on laps in first position and increasing his lead at every step towards the direct opponents and fellow teams: Rubechini-Arrigucci and Valiani-Valiani. In the main class, Trophy, the final outcome was uncertain with Morandini, Eibensteiner, Cognini and Petean fighting closely.

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Among all, Morandini and Morganti was the most consistent team. After 14 hours, 38 minutes and 38 seconds of hard struggle in the mud, Filippo Morandini and Samuele Morganti are the winners of the Croatia Trophy Italian Experience 2017 in the Trophy category. In the second position the Austrians Eibensteiner-Deutchmann and third Cognini M. and Latini. In Adventure, Simone Cognini and Andrea Aguzzi, Evolution 4×4 team, won by dominating the race in front of teammates Rubechini-Arrigucci and Valiani-Valiani.

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We mention the Evolution 4×4 team for being the larger team, has monopolized the two podiums with 5 crews on six places available. The organizer of Croatia Trophy, Igor Bozikovic present at Attimis throughout the event, gave to Morandini and Cognini the two free entries for Croatia Trophy 2017 and also congratulating to all the crews for a great race. Now, we have wait till May to follow these Italian crews on Croatian soil.

SPECIAL THANKS: MB Corse, Traction 4×4, Euro4x4parts, Prontoauto, Mosquito Royale, New Torclan, Ristorante Prosciutteria Martinuzzi, Amministrazione Comunale di Attimis, Friuli Fuoristrada and last but not the least – Igor Bozikovic (Croatia Trophy)

Info: –
Marco Sparpaglione +39 348 5235191

Ufficio Stampa by KiT Project Paolo Baraldi,
Video Maker: 4×4 Mafia – Damiano d’Ambrosio
Photo: Emilio Močibob –

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Emilio Močibob

Photographer, reporter and promoter for various off road competitions. Owner of the website. We are reporting from the biggest European events and we are trying to do a good job. I hope you like it. In the business since 2010.

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