Les Comes 2017 – 4×4 festival in Spain

The spirit of the Dakar Tour came with the exhibitions of Dakar BFGoodrich. Those were one of the star activities of the weekend thanks to the participation of the Pilots Gerard De Rooy, third classified in Dakar Truck 2017, Isidre Esteve, Xavi Foj, Jordi Juvanteny, Pep Sabater, Cristina Gutiérrez and Santi
Navarro. Thanks to them the public vibrated with the power and speed of their vehicles at Les Comes 2017 Dakar Tour.

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Ultra4 Europe – King of Portugal 2016

The King of Portugal 2016 received this year about 37 teams from 16 countries. After France and Italy, Emanuel Costa continues to lead in the Ultra4 Europe 2016 Championship.King of Portugal did not bring too much problems for the Portuguese pilot. The track is very technical. Areas such as Dinosaur eggs, Quarry or Turtle present difficulties that seem impossible to solve, but Ultra4 vehicles are built for that and teams love the challenge.

The organization led by the experienced Jose Rui Santos has has been working hard throughout the year so that everything is ready for everyone and the truth is that the entire Staff has performed with great accuracy and professionalism.

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Abenteuer Allrad 2016

Please know that the camp area will be limited due to its size. After a lot of times spnt searching the perfect place for th camp, the organization of the Abenteuer Allrad 2016 found a perfect place.
A space offering a lot of advantages: Central position, shopping facilities and an arcadian location near the river.

But as we said, most likely the camp won’t be large enough to accommodate everyone. It would be good to make a reservation. You can reach the owners of the campground Bad Kissingen, Family Voll, via telephone +49 971 5211 or via e-mail campingpark@web.de.

The list of exhibitors is long. Almost 300 names are on the exhibitor list for the fair in Bad Kissingen.

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Emma Jones – the Land Rover girl!

There are numerous reasons to use a COMEUP over any other winch on the market.
For anyone wondering whether to adventure down the COMEUP avenue, I recommend just coming and asking to use the freespool. The rope can literally be pulled out with your little finger, it is truly awesome!

The Blazer can also be mounted much lower than other winches as there is no brake drum sticking out underneath.
Obviously winches are a heavy lump, so every little helps to get a low centre of gravity.

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Wild Boar Valley Challenge 2015, Buzet (CRO)

The Super Extreme special stage on the last day of racing didn’t change anything in the final standings. But it sure was a real treat for the spectators, press and the competitors.

It was held in Škuljari all over again, this time a different route was prepared… Four huge mud trenches to choose, up the hill through the forest and back down.

See you next year at the Wild Boar Valley Challenge 2016

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