The 4th round of the Portuguese trial championship – Bragança

What a race in Portugal! The fourth stage of Portugal Trial championship will be remembered by hot weather and amazing tests for crews.

The TT Asociación Sem Limites managed to bring 30 teams to the capital of the district for another great day of competition and the event received a great reaction by more than 3,500 spectators.

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XTC – Xtreme Trophy Challenge Italy 2016

Famous for its off road scene, Italy hosts a number of races. Warn Trophy Italy, King of Italy, Rainforest Challenge selections, Croatia Trophy selections, many smaller races, meetings and of course – the Xtreme Trophy Challenge.
It’s a championship consisted of five races held throughout the year. And the organization recently announced the Xtreme Trophy Challenge Italy 2016 schedule!
Attimis, Collazzone, Castro dei Volsci, Amandola, Colle san Bartolomeo

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6 European events you have to visit Soon!

OK, so here it is. We made a choice of 6 off road events you have to visit before summer. Whether you want to race or just enjoy as a spectator, you have to be there. There’s plenty of races and fairs in Europe but it might be a good idea to drive a few more miles and enjoy the BEST ones.

Although we could probably choose 10-20 good events, we decided to narrow our choice – less is more sometimes! Here it is. Ordered by date.

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624 vehicles at Gradisca off road 2015

We went through 80 kilometers of roadbook at Gradisca off road 2015 meeting, constantly choosing only the extreme routes. And that was without the additional roadbook which would prolong our driving for almost two hours.

I can only say one thing, it was a great experience and I am coming back next year. It’s a nice event organized by professionals in a beautiful town. If Jeep is sponsoring, if teams come all the way from Germany… Something tells me you should be there next year!

More photos from the roadbook route will be available soon. I haven’t had the time for roadbook photography. Was just enjoying the experience, I would be crazy not to!

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