Welsh Xtrem 2017 by Nobby

It’s been a tough year at The Welsh Xtrem HQ between one thing and another but you just got to get on with it. The event takes around a year for us to organiseand and I feel very lucky that my day job allows me to dedicate many hours to put things in place. I think it might be a giggle to try and write down how many hours #xtrem18 takes up.

The core team arrived on site on Monday before the event, but had to detour to collect the Portacabins and Genny from a very kind supporter who let us have the equipment for a nominal fee so the task began. Sorting the camp area was a priority.

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RFC South Europe Italy 2017

The famous Rainforest Challenge Malaysia, what else do you want? It doesn’t matter, the best we can get are the “RFC Global Series” races spread all over Europe. One of those races, the Rainforest Challenge South Euope 2017
is located in Italy (Udine). This will only be the second edition but the secret to getting ahead is getting started.

From 26 to 28 May, land of vineyards and wines, Colio will host the second edition of this promising race. Simple and accurate, RFC South Europe (Italy) race will follow the rules of the famous Rainforest Challenge Malaysia.

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Croatia Trophy Italian Experience 2017 by P. Baraldi!

The countries represented at the event were Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Slovenia and Israel. Thanks to the particular morphology of the land of the powder magazine, the Croatia Trophy Italian Experience offered a fair glimpse of what will happen in Croatia from May 2 to 11. The inauguration took place on Thursday evening on February 23rd at the Hall of Attimis where the press conference was organized in the presence of local authorities.

Friday, after scrutineering, we entered into the heart of the competition with the prologue that took place in pouring rain which made the short circuit a living hell for crews and for vehicles.

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Transsylvania Trophy 2017! Romania welcomes you in July

Each roadbook has an estimated time of 5 hours (average), although the maximum time allowed to finish the roadbook will be longer. So you’ll have more than enough time to fix your vehicles on the rocks and in the mud located in the deep forests of Romania… And still finish the roadbook (hopefully) in time.

A Sunday prologue, followed by five days of road book navigation (Sunday through Thursday) and one day for the Special Stage on Friday, topped by a gala party that will start Friday evening and end Saturday morning, will keep you both busy and happy.

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King of the Hammers 2017 – Smittybilt EMC

While there is a small cash purse for those who make it to the podium, EMC teams aren’t in it for the money.

They spend all year prepping their rigs in their garages, working hard to pay registration fees and buy parts, and draft a few friends who are willing to burn a week of vacation to spin a wrench as chase crew.

When they hit the track they must be self-supported and be prepared to take any and all measures to get their cars to the finish line.

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EXC Final Event!

Italian brothers Arrigucci/Arrigucci (Team Evolution 4×4) and French Fernandes/Fernandes (father and son of Team Fernandes Brothers) have won the overall title in the Prepared and Prototypes categories. Both crews have faced EXC paths showing great determination, as well as performance of their vehicles, winning the final of Aquila d’Arroscia. This event saw the participation of 17 crews from Italy, France, Portugal and United Kingdom.

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Mud’n’Rocks France, 5th stage of the Europe Xtreme Challenge

Mud’n’Rocks, a perfect name for this race located in Alet-les-Bains, a small medieval village on the banks of the Aude river. Three days of special stages (including night stages) make this race one of the most technical not only in France.

Laurent Labia, president and organizer of this race has decided to enter the Europe Xtreme Challenge calendar with the 3rd edition of this race. Organized by Equipe France Classique, this championship is a new bright star on the European off road sky.

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The Wild Boar Valley Challenge 2016, Buzet (CRO)

Only the strongest will finish the competition. Do not forget, off roading can be very selective. The survival of the fittest is a rule here. With more than 100 km of roadbook each day, you’ll have plenty of time to present yourself at the Wild Boar Valley Challenge 2016.

The ORGA from the “Kamo Oko Vidi” off road club emphasize each year that this is not a competition where your vehicle will prevail. You will have to use your skills along with your vehicle. Perfect cooperation of team members and a bit of luck – will make you a winner of the Wild Boar Valley Challenge.

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Gigglepin Team wins the GRAF Adventure Series 2016

Less than a month after finishing the new Gigglepin #69 racing car, Jim Marsden won the GRAF Adventure Series along with his copilot Alex Wilson. This was the second race for the “new lady in Jim’s life”. And it was a real success thanks to the great performance of the team and the vehicle itself.

23 racing cars came together to compete last weekend at the GRAF Adventure Series in Montalegre, Portugal. Spectators got quite a show as Proto vehicles took on in a head to head competition on a hardcore terrain divided into 36 special stages.

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Balkan OffRoad 2016 – From the west to the east

Crossing Bulgaria from the west to the east, from the mountains to the plains, from the city centre of Sofia to Long Beach, after eight days of racing the Balkan Offroad 2016 has finished on Saturday

Balkan Offroad Rallye this year was a succes and a big step forward for the rallyscene. ‘Never before it was so fast,’ says Alexander Kovatchev, proud to see the influence the Balkan Offroad Rallye has on the development of the offroad racing scene in Europe. ‘Next year we will have the seventh edition of the Balkan Offroad Rallye, and we look forward to the next step in offroad racing!’

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Balkan OffRoad Rallye 2016 – Battle of the Champions

‘I am proud of the startlist we have this year at the balkan Offroad Rallye 2016, with so many incredible teams who have come to Bulgaria,’ says Race Director Alexander Kovatchev. ‘You cannot predict the results of a marathon, but looking at the startlist we can only be happy with such incredible vehicles and the quality of the teams we see here. There are a lot of podium candidates here in the camp!’

During Balkan Offroad Rallye 2016 we’ll have two main classes: Cross Country as classic rally raid with the fastest teams from all over Europe. Trophy lovers enter in our Extreme class, a hidden gem with special roadbooks made by Bulgaria’s best trophy specialists. Both classes share the bivouac, but otherwise run seperate races.

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Ready for the GRAF Adventure Series 2016?

September 20 will see the launch of one of the Europe’s most demanding 4×4 extreme off-road events. Located in Montalegre in Portugal, this (as always) will be a real test for teams and amazing experience for everyone, including spectators.

Everything from sun to rain, from mud to rocks, day to night. It is all you will ever need, special stages coming at you so strong… It is what it should look like each and every time.

We will remind you once again, don’t worry… But get ready to rock!

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