Maxxis Tyres King of Portugal 2015 Photos

Maxxis Tyres King of Portugal 2015 was the last stage of the successful Ultra4 Europe 2015. For the full report click here and read more. Paolo Baraldi, the official photographer of the Ultra4 Europe has prepared some amazing Maxxis Tyres King of Portugal 2015 photos.

The final outcome was uncertain to the very end of King of Portugal 2015. We will see about Ultra4 Europe 2016. Things can always be better, but I don’t see anything specific that has to be changed. It was a great Ultra4 Europe 2015 season! Here are the photos from King of Portugal 2015. Don’t forget to have a look at the full report.

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XTC Amandola 2015 photos

The last race of the famous Italian XTC Championship was held in Amandola. 22 crews joined to feel the off road rush for the last time in 2015 season.

Paolo Baraldi prepared some great XTC Amandola 2015 photos. As expected, we witnessed a race full of adrenaline. Have a look at this great photo gallery of XTC Amandola 2015 in Italy.

A big congratulations to all 22 crews and the club “Sottosopra 4×4″ (upside down 4×4) that hosted us.

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Canejan 4×4 2015 Photos, Spain

Francoise from Euro4x4 Parts visited spain to enjoy a great event. Canejan 4×4 2015 took place in an environment very similar to Andorra, right at the border between France and Spain near the town of Vieilha. The site is fantastic! Beautiful mountains, the event main base is located in a ancient mine.

Nearly 40 different zones were organized with by the organizers, Adrian and Cucu – very professional and talented. Unfortunately, 6 registered teams gave up at the last minute, which is a pity, because Canjan 4×4 2015 event could have hosted up to 20 teams from my point of view. Great atmosphere at the event, everybody dined and slept at the same hotel in the village of Les.

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2015 Globetrotter Rodeo photos

There’s a lot of off road festivals around the world, some of which are worth mentioning, some of them aren’t. The Globettroter Rodeo event was so well organized and special. They deserve more than just mentioning them. They deserve a photo gallery, they deserve a report on our website.

The scenery of the Erzberg mountains in Austria is beautiful. Globetrotter Rodeo is a special place to visit. Have a look at some 2015 Globetrotter Rodeo photos, taken by W. Peherstorfer.

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Jeep Camp 2015 Montalieu (FR) Photos

Inspired by the Jeep Jamboree whose first edition was created in 1953 in the US, the Jeep Camp in France is using the same pattern: to meet the Jeepers and offer them a weekend of being immersed in Jeep universe.

The program included various stuff. Different trails were proposed to Jeepers to test their capabilities in off road driving. More than 2000 participants joined this Jeep meeting in France. They arrived from 25 countries to celebrate the brand. The Italian delegation brought three beautiful vehicles on site to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Renegade Levi’s.

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