U4E: King Of Britain 2016 FULL Gallery

Ultra4 King of Britain 2016 – Bovington Camp, a British Army training complex was established in 1899 and became a training zone for heavy Branch of the Machine Gun Corps in 1916.

Exactly 100 years later, we had an opportunity to enjoy one of the latest Ultra4 Europe projects, a new race in the calendar – King of Britain 2016.

Some of our friends were there, such as Dion Den Braber (4x4Media).

A huge amount of photos and cool videos is waiting for you here…

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Baja Deutschland 2016

The coal mine in Profen has hosted the Baja Deutschland 2016. With more than 450 km of special stages, competitors divided into Quad, Moto, Car and Truck classes raced on many types of terrain to achieve the best possible time and finish the race on top. Unfortunately, (as usual) due to rollovers and problems this wasn’t possible for most of teams.

We bring you a series of photos made by our Italian friend – Paolo Baraldi.

This event should definately be marked in your calendar for 2017.

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GRAF Adventure Series 2016 photos by Farmaceutticando

Amazing four days at the GRAF Adventure series 2016 in Montalegre, Portugal. Definitely one of the most amazing races on the Old Continent.

A huge variety of mixed terrain spiced with a number of rocky stages full of technical difficulties. This race is not for the faint hearted!

You can visit a Facebook page that was so kind to give us a huge amount of photos to choose from, scroll down and have a look at some amazing scenes day by day.

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Xtrem Challenge Portugal 2016

June 16 saw the launch of one of the Europe’s most demanding 4×4 extreme off-road events. Located in Caminha in province Viana do Castelo, baptized as Xtrem Challenge Portugal.

The Xtrem Challenge Portugal 2016 was an extremely tough challenge for all 4×4 racers who dream of having a rocky adventure in a beautiful mediterranean country.

In just two days of racing, this event showed everything expected of a real off road challenge. Year by year, it disappoints no one. Known for rugged and unforgiving terrain under a hell fire coming from the sky, it requires endurance, stamina an knowledge to overcome those obstacles.

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Attimis, 2nd leg of the Europe Xtreme Challenge (gallery)

Just like in Wales, the second race of the Europe Xtreme Challenge surprised once again with its great quality. Here we have a full photo gallery of the race in Attimis which is also a part of the Xtreme Trophy Challenge Italy.
Anyway, lots of fun, a few rollovers …

Enjoy the photo gallery!

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Croatia Trophy Italian Experience photo gallery 2016

Mother nature gave us rain for ten days. Serious amount of water prepared the terrain perfectly, 70 percent of teams just couldn’t finish the stages on time. Igor looked very happy, this event looks exactly as the Crotia Trophy.

Teams are tired, mechanics are tired, cars need repairs. It’s not easy. Due to exhaustion, some of the top teams made mistakes in the afternoon. To choose speed instead of strategy… Not the best idea ever.

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Carrara 4×4 Festival 2015 Photos

There are 4-5 great off road festivals in Europe. One of those is Carrara 4×4 Fest in Italy. As usual, it is held in October.
Unfortunately, this year we couldn’t visit the fair but we had a look through the world wide web and noticed there’s not enough updates. 
Although all the photos we prepared are not nearly enough to show you the grandiosity of this great event, have a look and see for yourself. if you haven’t been there yet, prepare yourself for next year.
Check out some Carrara 4×4 Festival 2015 Photos!

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Balkan Off Road Rally 2015 Photos

It was the 5th edition of the Balkan Off Road Rally. Alexander Kovatchev kept his promise and organized a great race once again.
Trucks, motorcycles, quads and cars experienced a good event in Bulgaria.
Divided into Cross country and Extreme class, the Balkan Off Road Rally 2015 is a perfect destination for you.

Here are some Balkan Off Road Rally 2015 photos taken by Paolo Baraldi. Click for the full video day-by-day gallery of Balkan Off Road 2015.

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GRAF Adventure Series 2015 Photos, Montalegre (Portugal)

As usual, we provide detailed media coverage for our partners.

Graf Adventure Series in Montalegre is one of them. So in addition to the report, we prepared GRAF Adventure Series 2015 photos gallery.

Four days of hard core racing for all international teams that came to Portugal to experience beautiful landscapes, friendliness and awesome terrain!

PHOTOS by Farmaceutticando

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