Portuguese Trial Championship – Torres Vedras

Portugal Trial Championship in Torres Vedras attracted a crowd of spectators and an extensive list of competitors. Here are some numbers so you can get a insight of what exactly is happening in the Portuguese Trial Championship.

Along with the class champions, the Portuguese Trial Championship will also announce the absolute leader (best of Extreme, Proto and Super Proto class combined). Enjoy some photos by Espana4x4,

Bruno Fernandes (JMF) was the big winner of this fifth round of the national Portuguese Trial Championship.

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Baja Deutschland 2016

The coal mine in Profen has hosted the Baja Deutschland 2016. With more than 450 km of special stages, competitors divided into Quad, Moto, Car and Truck classes raced on many types of terrain to achieve the best possible time and finish the race on top. Unfortunately, (as usual) due to rollovers and problems this wasn’t possible for most of teams.

We bring you a series of photos made by our Italian friend – Paolo Baraldi.

This event should definately be marked in your calendar for 2017.

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The Wild Boar Valley Challenge 2016, Buzet (CRO)

Only the strongest will finish the competition. Do not forget, off roading can be very selective. The survival of the fittest is a rule here. With more than 100 km of roadbook each day, you’ll have plenty of time to present yourself at the Wild Boar Valley Challenge 2016.

The ORGA from the “Kamo Oko Vidi” off road club emphasize each year that this is not a competition where your vehicle will prevail. You will have to use your skills along with your vehicle. Perfect cooperation of team members and a bit of luck – will make you a winner of the Wild Boar Valley Challenge.

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Gigglepin Team wins the GRAF Adventure Series 2016

Less than a month after finishing the new Gigglepin #69 racing car, Jim Marsden won the GRAF Adventure Series along with his copilot Alex Wilson. This was the second race for the “new lady in Jim’s life”. And it was a real success thanks to the great performance of the team and the vehicle itself.

23 racing cars came together to compete last weekend at the GRAF Adventure Series in Montalegre, Portugal. Spectators got quite a show as Proto vehicles took on in a head to head competition on a hardcore terrain divided into 36 special stages.

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Balkan OffRoad 2016 – From the west to the east

Crossing Bulgaria from the west to the east, from the mountains to the plains, from the city centre of Sofia to Long Beach, after eight days of racing the Balkan Offroad 2016 has finished on Saturday

Balkan Offroad Rallye this year was a succes and a big step forward for the rallyscene. ‘Never before it was so fast,’ says Alexander Kovatchev, proud to see the influence the Balkan Offroad Rallye has on the development of the offroad racing scene in Europe. ‘Next year we will have the seventh edition of the Balkan Offroad Rallye, and we look forward to the next step in offroad racing!’

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Balkan OffRoad Rallye 2016 – Battle of the Champions

‘I am proud of the startlist we have this year at the balkan Offroad Rallye 2016, with so many incredible teams who have come to Bulgaria,’ says Race Director Alexander Kovatchev. ‘You cannot predict the results of a marathon, but looking at the startlist we can only be happy with such incredible vehicles and the quality of the teams we see here. There are a lot of podium candidates here in the camp!’

During Balkan Offroad Rallye 2016 we’ll have two main classes: Cross Country as classic rally raid with the fastest teams from all over Europe. Trophy lovers enter in our Extreme class, a hidden gem with special roadbooks made by Bulgaria’s best trophy specialists. Both classes share the bivouac, but otherwise run seperate races.

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Ready for the GRAF Adventure Series 2016?

September 20 will see the launch of one of the Europe’s most demanding 4×4 extreme off-road events. Located in Montalegre in Portugal, this (as always) will be a real test for teams and amazing experience for everyone, including spectators.

Everything from sun to rain, from mud to rocks, day to night. It is all you will ever need, special stages coming at you so strong… It is what it should look like each and every time.

We will remind you once again, don’t worry… But get ready to rock!

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OTA Globetrotter Rodeo 2016, a great success in Erzberg (Austria)

At the fair this year were represented more than twice as many exhibitors. Also, there was plenty of mud! We were very pleased to get to know some of you. In addition to program and exhibition, there was free off-road driving on the 600,000 square meters of land.

All in all a successful event with great weather, great people and a great organization. We will come back to OTA Globetrotter Rodeo 2017

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The 4th round of the Portuguese trial championship – Bragança

What a race in Portugal! The fourth stage of Portugal Trial championship will be remembered by hot weather and amazing tests for crews.

The TT Asociación Sem Limites managed to bring 30 teams to the capital of the district for another great day of competition and the event received a great reaction by more than 3,500 spectators.

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Globetrotter Rodeo 2016 Vendors

Globetrotter Rodeo starts on 26th of August and it promises to be two full days of fund and opportunity to learn a lot about off road driving.

It is held in the famous Erzberg mine, home of the famous Red Bull Rodeo enduro race.

This year the number of clubs, tourist agencies, journalists, partners, vendors and shops will be even bigger, also, many companies will be presenting new products, so don’t be affraid to visit Erzberg!

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RFC Global Series 2016 – Ukraine video/photo

A beautiful weekend in a beautiful Eastern European country of Ukraine.

Organized by the local SLIVA4x4 club, this leg of RFC Global Series was a great success. A number of teams participated in the race, a great weekend happened in the far east of Ukraine, a few kilometers away from the city of Kharkiv.

First edition of the RFC Global Series Ukraine 2016 was a home for lots of spectators and 24 teams racing for victory, divided into four categories – UTV, ATV, standard 4×4 and Prepared / Proto class.

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EXC 2016 – Colle San Bartolomeo

Tadini / Donati & Arrigucci / Arrigucci conquered the podium of Prototypes categories in the 4th round of the Europe Xtreme Challenge 2016 held on Ligurian paths of Colle San Bartolomeo. Next meeting: 2nd to 4th of September in Spain for the 4×4 Xtrem Canejan.

The tracks of motocross circuit of Colle San Bartolomeo, in the province of Imperia, was the “scene of the crime” for the fourth round of theEurope Xtreme Challenge 2016.

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