XT Automotive Winches by Traction 4×4

When you’re stuck in a mud pit, it’s the winch that counts, whatever the equipment on your car is. There’s a lot of high quality winches on the market.

Most of them work really nice on the average weekend-offroader. But the price can sometimes be a problem.

This is why Traction4x4 from Italy is offering high quality, great performance XT Automotive winches for a great price.

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Dream racing in Portugal – GRAF Off Road 2015

Montalegre in Portugal hosted this great off road event, GRAF off road is the successor of the widely known Rainforest Challenge Montalegre (2014).
Portugal actually offers really good quality events, such as Xtrem Portugal and Ultra4 King of Portugal. GRAF Adventure Series is not an exception. Miles and miles of very demanding terrain was just the thing we expected, and yes, all the international teams got it.

22 teams from Portugal, UK, Cyprus, France, Spain and Ireland came to compete to Portugal.

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West Coast Off Road & COMEUP at Stratford Overland Show

West Coast Off Road company was there too. Based in Southport, West Coast Off Road (WCOR) is run by brothers Paul and Tom Lundstrom.

Some may recognise Paul from Ultra 4 Europe, where he co-drives for Rob Butler in the Off Road Armoury Eurofighter Buggy.

This was a great opportunity for WCOR to present their new partnership with COMEUP winches.
WCOR is the new UK agent.

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GRAF Adventure Series 2015 Photos, Montalegre (Portugal)

As usual, we provide detailed media coverage for our partners.

Graf Adventure Series in Montalegre is one of them. So in addition to the report, we prepared GRAF Adventure Series 2015 photos gallery.

Four days of hard core racing for all international teams that came to Portugal to experience beautiful landscapes, friendliness and awesome terrain!

PHOTOS by Farmaceutticando

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Rainforest Challenge Balkans 2015: Great success

I believe Mr. Luis found out that we have real passion for the Rainforest Challenge and after the race in 2013 he offered us to be RFC representatives on the Balkans.

This put us up to the idea of RFC Global Series in Bulgaria.
Now off-road teams from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Albania, Croatia and other European countries could participate in a race for the Rainforest Challenge trophy.

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Rainforest Challenge Balkans 2015 photos

The RFC Global Series is a combination of few other events, such as RFC Balkans 2015. The Rainforest Challenge Balkans 2015 was held for the first time and finished a few days ago.
Winners have the opportunity to go to Malaysia and compete without entry fee.

Here are some Rainforest Challenge Balkans 2015 photos taken by Anton Anestiev and Yana Stancheva

The mother of all Rainforest events is getting ready. The Rainforest Challenge Malaysia starts on 20th of November

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Wild Boar Valley Challenge 2015

Only the strongest will finish the competition. Do not forget, off roading can be very selective.
The survival of the fittest is a rule here. With more than 100 km of roadbook each day, you’ll have plenty of time to present yourself at the Wild Boar Valley Challenge.

The ORGA from the “Kamo Oko Vidi” off road club emphasize each year that this is not a competition where your vehicle will prevail. You will have to use your skills along with your vehicle. Perfect cooperation of team members and a bit of luck – will make you a winner of the Wild Boar Valley Challenge.

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Dasall Performance lights

Here’s what Alex has to say about Dasall performance lights:
“Dasall underwent one of the toughest real world tests at King of Wales 2015 and performed flawlessly. There was a fallen tree across the course that we pushed out of the way with our roof line.

I was expecting this to bring the end to our Dasall Lights.
They not only survived unscathed but continued to work perfectly thereafter.”

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G Class meeting in Croatia (Istria)

A small group of off road enthusiasts is going to experience Istria while tasting home made “Fakin” wines, traveling all around the peninsula, visiting adrenaline parks and touring through beautiful forests.
You can join them by contacting Mr. Balazs on his Facebook profile or his email gamboree@gmail.com.

See you at the G Class Meeting in Croatia!
24th of September!

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COMEUP Blazer competition winch!

In my quest for a new fast, strong and lightweight winch I could write about, I found a couple that advertised themselves as competition winches. Label aside, there’s a lot of stuff on the market, with the majority not even worth mentioning. BUT, Comeup Blazer competition winch got my attention!

Unfortunately, in winch universe, terms “competition” and “lightweight” don’t fit together. Weight savings pays back in better gas mileage and being less nose heavy so the front/rear vehicle balance is better. But when buying a competition winch, is better gas mileage something we should worry about? This isn’t really debateable since the obvious answer is no.

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GRAF Adventure in Montalegre (PT)

In Portugal they are passionate about off-roading. GRAF Adventure in Montalegre is tough four days of competition, in the pure style of the famous Rainforest competitions.

Drivers and vehicles will be pushed to their limits to the delight of the spectators!

Fans of extreme off-roading, don’t miss this event because it promises to be spectacular

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Rainforest Challenge Balkans 2015

Rainforest Challenge Badlands, we could say. It is not going to be easy. Rainforest Challenge Balkans 2015 starts in few days. From the 16th of September you will have a unique opportunity to enjoy another European RFC Global Series race. Luis J.A. Wee, the founder and creator of the original Rainforest Challenge in Malaysia, will also be in Bulgaria. The RFC Balkans is now officially a part of the RFC Global Series.

Whoever wins the fist place, goes to Malaysia to race in the finals! With no registration fee… that is the point of RFC Global series, to race and win a free entry for one of the hardest world races – RFC Malaysia.

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