Dakar Focus: The New Peugeot 3008DKR Maxi

However, the Peugeot brand does stand a very good shot at least because they seem to have taken another step forward, but also because in Stephane Peterhansel, Cyril Despres, Carlos Sainz, and Loeb, they have some of the top talents around. Indeed, Peterhansel won the event for a record 13th time in January this year. The question now is can he do it for the 14th time and make it three in a row with the Peugeot? Or will one of his team-mates take the laurels for the “Lion”?

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VR Could Expand Interest In Extreme 4×4

Virtual reality is still a fairly new concept, at least in its modern form. Yet it’s already starting to impact all walks of life. VR is being implemented in retail and real estate, in healthcare and education, and as is written about most frequently, in gaming and sport.

It’s this last category that’s of particular interest to us, given that a few of the developments we’ve already seen in VR indicate it could ultimately help expand interest in extreme 4×4.

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Transsylvania Trophy 2017! Romania welcomes you in July

Each roadbook has an estimated time of 5 hours (average), although the maximum time allowed to finish the roadbook will be longer. So you’ll have more than enough time to fix your vehicles on the rocks and in the mud located in the deep forests of Romania… And still finish the roadbook (hopefully) in time.

A Sunday prologue, followed by five days of road book navigation (Sunday through Thursday) and one day for the Special Stage on Friday, topped by a gala party that will start Friday evening and end Saturday morning, will keep you both busy and happy.

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Rally d’Algerie 2016

The Rallye d’Algérie 2016 has just finished recently. Started in Algiers and reached its finish line always in the Algerian capital after more than 2300 chilometers and 7 legs, this edition of the rally saw more than 70 teams, 40 in moto/quad class and 30 in car/SSV/truck class.

Organised by ARAK Sport and Fasm (Fédération Algérienne des Sports Mécaniques), to win the competition, it was necessary to enjoy the land as on the old-school races through African deserts.

Have a look at some of the photos taken by Sonja Vietto Ramus

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The Wild Boar Valley Challenge 2016, Buzet (CRO)

Only the strongest will finish the competition. Do not forget, off roading can be very selective. The survival of the fittest is a rule here. With more than 100 km of roadbook each day, you’ll have plenty of time to present yourself at the Wild Boar Valley Challenge 2016.

The ORGA from the “Kamo Oko Vidi” off road club emphasize each year that this is not a competition where your vehicle will prevail. You will have to use your skills along with your vehicle. Perfect cooperation of team members and a bit of luck – will make you a winner of the Wild Boar Valley Challenge.

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GRAF Adventure Series 2016 photos by Farmaceutticando

Amazing four days at the GRAF Adventure series 2016 in Montalegre, Portugal. Definitely one of the most amazing races on the Old Continent.

A huge variety of mixed terrain spiced with a number of rocky stages full of technical difficulties. This race is not for the faint hearted!

You can visit a Facebook page that was so kind to give us a huge amount of photos to choose from, scroll down and have a look at some amazing scenes day by day.

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RFC Global Series 2016 – Ukraine video/photo

A beautiful weekend in a beautiful Eastern European country of Ukraine.

Organized by the local SLIVA4x4 club, this leg of RFC Global Series was a great success. A number of teams participated in the race, a great weekend happened in the far east of Ukraine, a few kilometers away from the city of Kharkiv.

First edition of the RFC Global Series Ukraine 2016 was a home for lots of spectators and 24 teams racing for victory, divided into four categories – UTV, ATV, standard 4×4 and Prepared / Proto class.

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King of France 2016 through the eyes of ACE Racing

King of Italy 2016, 2nd race of the Ultra4 Europe championship will take place from June 17th to June 19th.

As a way to introduce the oncoming King od Italy, we are publishing a report written by ACE Racing from Italy. Here’s a report of their experience at King of France.

ACE Racing is a team with a long tradition, they also own a workshop in Italy where high quality off road parts and custom builds are made.

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Croatia Trophy 2016 coming soon

Off roading has got a long history. Throughout this time there have been several great drivers in the sport, and with great drivers, there also have been great races. We could talk about it for days but off roading comes in a number of varieties.
And following a roadbook in the forests of Croatia is the best one! Roadbook is not only a means by which each person is informed, in a clear and precise way, about the route to follow, but it also represents an opportunity to get information across regarding the vehicle and the location.
And that will be really important at the Croatia Trophy 2016!

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Teamwork – future of off roading

It has always been important to live by the rule – you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. Helping each other is the way to success. It seems European off road competitions have realized it.

I remember last year when Ultra4 Europe King of Italy offered a free participation for the Carta Rallye 2015. We’re not sure if the winner used it but Carta Rallye is skyrocketing and I am sure it helped in some way.

Same thing happens this year, Croatia Trophy is working with 100T racks and it’s been announced that Wild Boar Valley Challenge will do the same thing with the Welsh Xtrem.

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31st Gradisca International Off Road 2015

GFI Alpe Adria off road club prepares the same program every year (more or less) but the event never disappointed anyone. To count the number of cars is enough. The event starts the day before, first teams will arrive on Saturday, December 5. You can visit the GFI Alpe Adria website and check out all the details.

The participation fee for Gradisca International off road meeting 2015is NEXT TO NOTHING – ONLY 150 Euro per vehicle, number of people inside the car is irrelevant!

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Wild Boar Valley Challenge 2015, Buzet (CRO)

The Super Extreme special stage on the last day of racing didn’t change anything in the final standings. But it sure was a real treat for the spectators, press and the competitors.

It was held in Škuljari all over again, this time a different route was prepared… Four huge mud trenches to choose, up the hill through the forest and back down.

See you next year at the Wild Boar Valley Challenge 2016

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