Rally d’Algerie 2016

The Rallye d’Algérie 2016 has just finished recently. Started in Algiers and reached its finish line always in the Algerian capital after more than 2300 chilometers and 7 legs, this edition of the rally saw more than 70 teams, 40 in moto/quad class and 30 in car/SSV/truck class.

Organised by ARAK Sport and Fasm (Fédération Algérienne des Sports Mécaniques), to win the competition, it was necessary to enjoy the land as on the old-school races through African deserts.

Have a look at some of the photos taken by Sonja Vietto Ramus

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Rebelle Rally – Lake Tahoe (US)

America’s first all-female navigation rally has come to a close, with ups-and-downs, triumphs and challenges; great days and bad days—the dust has settled and the results are in. Finishing in the Glamis Sand Dunes, with few distinguishable landmarks and difficult terrain to traverse, you could easily call this the most technical day of the Rebelle Rally. Few, if any, competitors didn’t get stuck in the steep, unpredictable sand dunes. But that didn’t stop every. single. Rebelle. from finishing the landmark event. We’re proud of everyone and the challenges they’ve overcome to get to the finish line, but we’d especially like to congratulate Charlene Bower and Kaleigh Hotchkiss who have won the first-ever Rebelle Rally and Meli Barrett and Sabrina Howells who won in X-Over class.

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Baja Deutschland 2016

The coal mine in Profen has hosted the Baja Deutschland 2016. With more than 450 km of special stages, competitors divided into Quad, Moto, Car and Truck classes raced on many types of terrain to achieve the best possible time and finish the race on top. Unfortunately, (as usual) due to rollovers and problems this wasn’t possible for most of teams.

We bring you a series of photos made by our Italian friend – Paolo Baraldi.

This event should definately be marked in your calendar for 2017.

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Balkan OffRoad 2016 – From the west to the east

Crossing Bulgaria from the west to the east, from the mountains to the plains, from the city centre of Sofia to Long Beach, after eight days of racing the Balkan Offroad 2016 has finished on Saturday

Balkan Offroad Rallye this year was a succes and a big step forward for the rallyscene. ‘Never before it was so fast,’ says Alexander Kovatchev, proud to see the influence the Balkan Offroad Rallye has on the development of the offroad racing scene in Europe. ‘Next year we will have the seventh edition of the Balkan Offroad Rallye, and we look forward to the next step in offroad racing!’

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Rebelle Rally 2016, French girls in the USA!

New adventures! This is what Chris and Hélène were looking for when they decided to be part of the first Rebelle Rally 2016.
These two off-track racing lovers met in 2014 when they were both looking for a team mate to enter an all female navigation race held in the south of Morocco. Sand, rocks, mountains, heat…
Teams of two women (driver/navigator) will spend seven days driving mostly off-road from Lake Tahoe to the sand dunes of Southern California. Best of all, you get to leave your cell phone, computer, GPS, & headaches behind. It’s all about YOU. And your endless abilities.

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Carta Rallye 2016 – a great success

It’s been one hell of a week in the deserts of Morocco. 69 crews from Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and the UK arrived to Merzouga to travel across Morocco and reach the finish line in Fort Bou-Jerif.

Divided into 3 different categories, the teams experienced a nice welcome. A route extremely hard for both members of each team was prepared this year. The Carta Rallye has become one of those events you don’t fool around with.

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Carta Rallye 2016

Here’s what Cristophe Girard, the winner in Cross Country 2015 category says:

“I am a rally raid enthusiast, with many races under my belt, including a 13th participation in the Dakar, I wanted for the 2nd consecutive year to get involved in the organisation of the Carta Rallye to accompany competitors on Moroccan tracks to explore breathtaking landscapes.

The Carta Rallye 2015 was beautiful and well organized! Carta Rally 2016 will be even better for sure”

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Bowler Defender Challenge UK 2016

Defender Challenge is organized by Bowler Motorsport and has the full support by Land Rover and MSA. It’s a perfect opportunity for an enthusiast to sit behind the wheel of a muscled Land Rover Defender! The championship is consisted of seven races held in Wales.

The UK series will comprise of 7 rounds which mix hill rallies and stage rallies, and which are spread across the UK throughout the year

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Teryx Girls at King of the Hammers 2016!

Sara Price and Erica Sacks compete in a Kawasaki Teryx UTV. Price/Sacks are writing history already. Rally Aicha de Gazelles is a girls-only rally raid race in Sahara (Africa), Sara and Erica were the first USA team to compete at the rally. And Aicha is known for its tougness.

Teryx Girls aren’t stopping now. They will be racing at King of the Hammers. Desert sand is their specialty, but we’ll see if they will be able to tackle huge rocks of KOH. After all, only three of 51 entrants finished the race last year!

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Dakar 2016: Peugeot success sumed up

Carlos Sainz was running uninterrupted. A serious malfunction forced him to retire a stage before the end. Too bad.

Cyril Despres was running smooth, steady pace placed him 7th overall. It’s a great success for a former motorcycle Dakar champion. His career is far from over.

After a blasting start on a smooth (almost WRC style) surface, Sebastian Loeb had a major accident. Second week of the race was a bit more bumpy. Loeb and Elena failed to see a ditch, it resulted in a rollover. The mishap downgraded them to 18th place overall. Nine-time WRC champion managed to soften the situation eventually, he finished 9th overall.

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Dakar 2016: Fatal accident once again

Team of Lionel Baud must be cursed. Baud’s Lancer was involved in an accident during stage 7 of the Dakar Rally 2016, a spectator was killed instantly. The same car was on its way to the port in order to be shipped to Europe. His assistance truck was yesterday involved in a traffic accident and once again, one person was killed instantly, five more injured.

The race is heating up very fast. Things have changed a lot now. Obviously, there is no more friendship at the Dakar. It’s not just about racing. It has become like any other sport – frustration on a large scale.

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