Carta Rallye 2016 – a great success

It’s been one hell of a week in the deserts of Morocco. 69 crews from Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and the UK arrived to Merzouga to travel across Morocco and reach the finish line in Fort Bou-Jerif.

Divided into 3 different categories, the teams experienced a nice welcome. A route extremely hard for both members of each team was prepared this year. The Carta Rallye has become one of those events you don’t fool around with.

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Carta Rallye 2016

Here’s what Cristophe Girard, the winner in Cross Country 2015 category says:

“I am a rally raid enthusiast, with many races under my belt, including a 13th participation in the Dakar, I wanted for the 2nd consecutive year to get involved in the organisation of the Carta Rallye to accompany competitors on Moroccan tracks to explore breathtaking landscapes.

The Carta Rallye 2015 was beautiful and well organized! Carta Rally 2016 will be even better for sure”

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Bowler Defender Challenge UK 2016

Defender Challenge is organized by Bowler Motorsport and has the full support by Land Rover and MSA. It’s a perfect opportunity for an enthusiast to sit behind the wheel of a muscled Land Rover Defender! The championship is consisted of seven races held in Wales.

The UK series will comprise of 7 rounds which mix hill rallies and stage rallies, and which are spread across the UK throughout the year

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Teryx Girls at King of the Hammers 2016!

Sara Price and Erica Sacks compete in a Kawasaki Teryx UTV. Price/Sacks are writing history already. Rally Aicha de Gazelles is a girls-only rally raid race in Sahara (Africa), Sara and Erica were the first USA team to compete at the rally. And Aicha is known for its tougness.

Teryx Girls aren’t stopping now. They will be racing at King of the Hammers. Desert sand is their specialty, but we’ll see if they will be able to tackle huge rocks of KOH. After all, only three of 51 entrants finished the race last year!

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Dakar 2016: Peugeot success sumed up

Carlos Sainz was running uninterrupted. A serious malfunction forced him to retire a stage before the end. Too bad.

Cyril Despres was running smooth, steady pace placed him 7th overall. It’s a great success for a former motorcycle Dakar champion. His career is far from over.

After a blasting start on a smooth (almost WRC style) surface, Sebastian Loeb had a major accident. Second week of the race was a bit more bumpy. Loeb and Elena failed to see a ditch, it resulted in a rollover. The mishap downgraded them to 18th place overall. Nine-time WRC champion managed to soften the situation eventually, he finished 9th overall.

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Dakar 2016: Fatal accident once again

Team of Lionel Baud must be cursed. Baud’s Lancer was involved in an accident during stage 7 of the Dakar Rally 2016, a spectator was killed instantly. The same car was on its way to the port in order to be shipped to Europe. His assistance truck was yesterday involved in a traffic accident and once again, one person was killed instantly, five more injured.

The race is heating up very fast. Things have changed a lot now. Obviously, there is no more friendship at the Dakar. It’s not just about racing. It has become like any other sport – frustration on a large scale.

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Dakar 2016: Crash & Rollover – Double trouble for Peugeot

Loebs accident occured on a very hard “Dakar style” terrain. According to the interview, Loeb said there was a hole he didn’t see 10 kilometers before the end of the stage. The hole threw the car off balance. They destroyed a lot of stuff on their Peugeot and had to change the transmission and two wheels.
Sebastian is sure there is no chance for him to be in Top 3 overall. “But that’s life”, he said.
Nasser Al-Attiyah ended Peugeot’s winning streak. It seems there is a chance for the Qatari to win the rally.

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Dakar 2016: Spectator killed during stage 7

The organizers of the Dakar Rally 2016 have confirmed the death of a spectator on the Stage 7 of the 2016 edition. Lionel Baud, a French driver competing in his Mitsubishi Lancer, was involved in the accident. This is the first fatal accident (and last hopefully) at this edition. Last tragedy involving a spectator’s death was in 2013.
Anyway, everyone agrees with the fact that Peugeot dominates this edition od the Dakar. Let’s see what happens to the end. Here are the overall results after Stage 7. Stage is to be held today.

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Dakar 2016: Toyota burns, Loeb loses lead

Stephane Peterhansel is now leading the Dakar 2016, only 27 seconds ahead of Loeb though. Sebastian had some problems. His accelerator was blocked at full throttle so he had to control it with a switch and that wasn’t a piece of cake.
Two punctures made his life even more miserable so he finished the stage second, 8 minutes behind Peterhansel.

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Dakar 2016: Nani Roma and Al-Attiyah – Peugeot performance is amazing

Former champions of the Dakar Rally – Nani Roma (2014) and Nasser Al-Attiyah (2011, 2015) are very surprised with Peugeots performance.
They both agree it is impossible to overtake the buggy on straight lines.

Driver experience will be of utmost importance to beat them.
According to their theory, Loeb shouldn’t be a problem.

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Dakar 2016: Stage 3, Loeb victorious

The competitors are driving the 4th stage at the moment, well, third stage actually, since the opening stage was cancelled. Here are the overall results after the special stage no. 3. Former WRC champion Seabstian Loeb is in the lead. Giniel de Villiers who is known for very careful driving is following him. Is it possible that Stephane Peterhansel joined the winning team once again? This could be another great performance in his Dakar history. He won the rally 11 times, can he do it again? MINI teammates Mikko Hirvonen and Nasser Al-Attiyah took the 4th and 5th position overall.
It seems there’s going to be one hell of a fight in the top 10. Let’s wait and see.

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