Les Comes 4×4 Festival 2016

This year, the Les Comes 4×4 festival is scheduled for March 12th and 13th. The event will once again host full time extreme off road action. This event is probably the most important events on the Pyrenees for every off road owner and enthusiast.

Hundreds of vehicles came to Suria to watch the live show of four Dakar Rally trucks – Gerard de Rooy, Pep Vila, Jordi Juvanteny and Van Ginkel prepared something special. Prototypes that had little to do with a classic 4×4 vehicle overcam rocky obstacles you can’t see every day. Also, the number of exhibitors made this event even better. It is amazing how much aftermarket equipment you can find for a decent price.

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Teryx Girls at King of the Hammers 2016!

Sara Price and Erica Sacks compete in a Kawasaki Teryx UTV. Price/Sacks are writing history already. Rally Aicha de Gazelles is a girls-only rally raid race in Sahara (Africa), Sara and Erica were the first USA team to compete at the rally. And Aicha is known for its tougness.

Teryx Girls aren’t stopping now. They will be racing at King of the Hammers. Desert sand is their specialty, but we’ll see if they will be able to tackle huge rocks of KOH. After all, only three of 51 entrants finished the race last year!

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PillowTrack, evolution of 4×4 assistance

It can help you raise the approach angle off your vehicle or you can just fill in the gap with it. It is just much easier than filling up a ditch with logs, rocks and other stuff you find scattered around. You just inflate the Pillowtrack, fill in the gap with it and that’s it. If that’s not enough, you just add one more. That should do the job!

Pillowtrack is not smooth, it has rubber tracked sides for a better grip to the tire. So it is designed to help you in almost any situation, including sand.

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Wrangler V8 by Italian Patrol Garage

The Patrol Garage presents you the… Wrangler. Forgive us for the pun. This Italian off-road specialist from Verona repeatedly shows us beautiful examples of Nissan automotive art but this time they went beyond their knowledge. of the Rising Sun has repeatedly sunk tongs of 4×4 external origin Nissan, on this occasion it really is exceeded. With an experience gained over many years of dirty work, digressions like this one are very welcome and satisfactory for Alessandro “Tommo”

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Land Rover Defender 2,000,000

Completing the one of a kind badging are a pair of S90 Hue registration plates mounted on the front and the rear of the Defender.
The S90 HUE number plate references the first-ever pre-production registration ‘HUE 166’ nicknamed ‘Huey’.

This Land Rover Defender 2,000,000 90 Station Wagon was designed by Land Rover’s design director and chief creative officer Gerry McGovern and his team.

The Land Rover Defender 2,000,000 will spend two days on display before being auctioned off at Bonhams on December 16th 2015.

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LEGO Trophy Truck :)

You can check out the RM8 channel on Youtube. Click this link to visit the Lego Trophy Truck. The video is down below too, but for some reason, Youtube doesn’t allow to watch it anywhere else other than their home site.

The LEGO Trophy truck Double Trouble is amazing, it has rear wheel drive and long-travel IFS with coilovers. As almost any other Trophy Truck, it has linked solid axle with coilovers in the back. The performance is next to amazing, like no other factory made LEGO model.

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Jeep Wrangler Red Rock at SEMA show 2015

The Jeep Wrangler Red Rock actually looks almost the same as the Red Rock Responder presented for the MOAB Easter Safari. But it is nothing like it.

There is one similarity though, it’s a pure off roader. No doors, no roof, no nothing – just pure metal, windscreen and a rollcage.

The Wrangler Red Rock remains a concept now, but there are some rumours it will go into production next year. We shouldn’t forget to mention – the Wrangler Red Rock won the “Hottest SUV” award at SEMA Show 2015.

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What are beadlocks and beadlock wheels?

Usually, the tire bead sits inside the wheel. And that’s not an issue when the pressure is normal because it pushes the walls of the tire to the bead seat.
But for proper off roading, it is useful to drop the tire pressure to increase traction. This is where beadlocks come in handy.
Due to the deflation, the tire could slip of the wheel. As the name says, the beadlock holds/locks the tire bead.

If you can’t justify getting beadlock wheels – just don’t. There’s no point. Because sometimes less is more.

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Carrara 4×4 Festival 2015 Photos

There are 4-5 great off road festivals in Europe. One of those is Carrara 4×4 Fest in Italy. As usual, it is held in October.
Unfortunately, this year we couldn’t visit the fair but we had a look through the world wide web and noticed there’s not enough updates. 
Although all the photos we prepared are not nearly enough to show you the grandiosity of this great event, have a look and see for yourself. if you haven’t been there yet, prepare yourself for next year.
Check out some Carrara 4×4 Festival 2015 Photos!

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Levi’s CJ Jeep Hot Rod

The team created the opportunity for a unique model, a Levi’s CJ Jeep Hot Rod, it’s a beauty.
It took months between the project idea and its realization.
First of all the club has set a goal: to make a Jeep Hot Rod, then they studied the feasibility of the prototype, and then had to find technical solutions before starting the build of the CJ.
The project began in August 2014 to be released in June 2015, less than a month before the Camp Jeep!
This unique vehicle is really exceptional and worthy of being a nice piece of collection!
Bravo to Jeepers Club Milano!

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XT Automotive Winches by Traction 4×4

When you’re stuck in a mud pit, it’s the winch that counts, whatever the equipment on your car is. There’s a lot of high quality winches on the market.

Most of them work really nice on the average weekend-offroader. But the price can sometimes be a problem.

This is why Traction4x4 from Italy is offering high quality, great performance XT Automotive winches for a great price.

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MAD Hovercraft made in Europe

Most of these Slovenian made hovercrafts are turn-key but you can buy kits too.
For father & son projects during cold winter evenings.

This type of vehicle is best suited for any terrain, well, except Mount Everest. But name your combination, land, water, ice, snow, mud, grass… MAD European hovercrafts are all you need.

You can contact Aleš from MAD hovercraft company. Check their products and get your next favorite toy locked and loaded.

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