OTA Globetrotter Rodeo 2016, a great success in Erzberg (Austria)

At the fair this year were represented more than twice as many exhibitors. Also, there was plenty of mud! We were very pleased to get to know some of you. In addition to program and exhibition, there was free off-road driving on the 600,000 square meters of land.

All in all a successful event with great weather, great people and a great organization. We will come back to OTA Globetrotter Rodeo 2017

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Globetrotter Rodeo 2016 Vendors

Globetrotter Rodeo starts on 26th of August and it promises to be two full days of fund and opportunity to learn a lot about off road driving.

It is held in the famous Erzberg mine, home of the famous Red Bull Rodeo enduro race.

This year the number of clubs, tourist agencies, journalists, partners, vendors and shops will be even bigger, also, many companies will be presenting new products, so don’t be affraid to visit Erzberg!

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On sale at Traction4x4

No matter what a shopping website sells, it should provide value and quality, make shopping easy, deliver products on time, and provide good customer support.

To see how that works, we paid a visit to Traction4x4 website and found some great products on sale NOW.

Here’s a few listed products and you can find everything else you need by clicking on this link.

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6 beautiful off road cars in Europe

Best or not. It depends on lot of stuff. Driver, codriver, vehicle and a hefty amount of luck … Nevertheless, when off road car looks good – it looks good. And that’s a fact. That’s why we prepared a list of 6 great looking off road vehicles in Europe.

Please understand, this is our own choice and it has nothing to do with the quality of certain teams. Moreover, it is up to you if you agree or not but feel free to post a comment or a photo with your own choice. I hope you’ll enjoy these photos and a short text about the car and the team.

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Supercar Roma Auto show!

This event is all about motorsport. And here’s what we like about it, this time it will have a whole new section dedicated to the world of 4×4. Some of the strongest off road companies in Italy will be presenting their products. They are characterized by the exclusivity of performance and design. Top of the range parts, often hand-crafted with the finest materials.

The thematic area of 4×4 at Supercar Auto Show will not be just about parts, there will be a lot of practical stuff. To experience a ride with mad drivers aboard a specifically prepared 4×4 vehicle. It is a great experience. Almost 10 acres of space will be available in the outdoor area. Prepared for one purpose – demonstrations, crazy drivers and off road adrenaline.

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Suzuki Jimny Evolution – one of a kind!

The man who created this Jimny Evolution is named Ikuo Hanawa. Being built by Ikuo-san, this Jimny Evolution could easily shine on the slopes of “Dakar”. And it never went to Dakar, design and blueprints never planned it. But this baby brought and will bring joy to every pilot, it’s a machine capable of tackling the big boys toys. This is the fourth generation of the Jimny Evolution and it’s getting better and better!

First Jimny made by Ikuo Hanawa and Summit Racing from Japan was equipped with an engine capacity of 660 cm3, five-link suspension with Fox shocks, it was built in 1998 to participate in the Asian Cross Country Rally.

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XT Automotive lift kits

Lift kits by Traction 4×4 are consisted of XT Automotive coils and XT Automotive shocks. A good quality brand of off road equipment made in Italy. Made with the highest quality standards and subjected to strict quality control tests, ISO9000 certified, these coils are made for real European off road. We must say, Australian brands are often too stiff for our off road terrains. You can read more about XT Automotive shocks here.

Adding a Traction4x4 XT Automotive suspension kit to your truck or SUV will give you the look you desire and a little extra ground clearance while maintaining the factory ride at a reasonable cost.

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