6 European events you have to visit Soon!

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OK, so here it is. We made a choice of 6 off road events you have to visit before summer. Whether you want to race or just enjoy as a spectator, you have to be there. There’s plenty of races and fairs in Europe but it might be a good idea to drive a few more miles and enjoy the BEST ones.
Although we could probably choose 10-20 good events, we decided to narrow our choice – less is more sometimes! Here it is. Ordered by date.

1. THE WELSH XTREM – March 04 – 06 – Red Valley Motorsport, Carmarthen, Wales

Do you think your vehicle is undestructible? Think again! It’s like baby King of the Hammers plus mud and water! The Welsh Xtrem is one of those events with a short history but long future, it’s worth a try. You will like it. TWX accepts 30 crews, places are taken…

The race was launched in 2013 and it’s a cruel test of pilot / co-pilot synergy. Night stages, full throttle circuit stages, group stages… And it’s all sponsored by very strong companies, it’s a clear proof of quality. Best of all, the Welsh Xtrem raises money for charity.

welsh xtrem 2016

2. CROATIA TROPHY – April 27 – May 5 – Staro selo Topusko, Croatia

You wonder what Croatia Trophy is all about? I hope not. Just to remind you… It’s 7 days of water, sticky mud and deep thick forests. It is what extreme off roaders and adrenaline junkies dream about. But the dream becomes a nightmare soon enough.

You think there’s something for everyone? No. Off road meetings have something for everyone, Croatia Trophy is all about extreme off road! There are so many races. But there are mediocre races and the ones that become a legend and an icon of off-road; Croatia Trophy is definitely among the latter!

11150553_807535665991057_9076609189340976351_n feat

3. KING OF FRANCE (UTRA4 EUROPE) – May 20 – 22 – France

The new season of Ultra4 racing in Europe will start soon. And it starts in May with King of France. We can expect this season to be great after a good #U4E season 2015.
Unfortunately, due to bureauchratic problems, King of France was eventually cancelled in 2015.

After King of France 2016, the dates will be almost the same as in Ultra4 Europe 2015 season. Exact dates are now confirmed:

  • King of France 20th – 22nd May
  • King of Italy 17th – 19th June
  • King of Portugal 14th – 17th September
  • King of Britain 7th – 9th October

king of france

4. ABENTEUER ALLRAD – May 26 – 29 – Bad Kissingen, Germany

No, it’s not a race but the experience is amazing nevertheless. There’s no question about it – Abenteuer-Allrad is the biggest off road exhibition in whole of Europe. As an exhibitor at the Abenteuer-Allrad you have a chance to present your products to more than 50 000 visitors each year.

From January 2016, Abenteuer-Allrad has a new official title – World’s Largest Cross-Country Expo! And that makes sense. A huge area and number of visitors and exhibitors give them the right to use the new name!


5. LADOGA TROPHY – May 28 – June 5 – Russia, Karelia region

Ladoga trophy is probably the longest and hardest mud race in the world. One fact, it’s enough to say the route is 1200 km long. Along the shores of lake Ladoga, passing through deep swamps, crossing fast and slow rivers, making your way deep into the mud and slowly finding your way out – if you’re lucky.
For eight days, the participants and spectators enjoy the beautiful regions of Karelia and Leningrad.

-5 (1)

6. XTREM CHALLENGE PORTUGAL – June 16 – 19 – Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Portugal is a great place to enjoy our favorite sport. Rocks and beautiful forests make it perfect for all kinds of racing. Xtrem Challenge Portugal is held in the mountains and is full of grueling rocky stages that will make your car go BOOM!

Only the most experienced drivers can finish it and the number of international teams is a living proof of both terrain and orga quality.


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Emilio Močibob

Administration at Extreme4x4 Europe media
Photographer, reporter and promoter for various off road competitions. Owner of the website. We are reporting from the biggest European events and we are trying to do a good job. I hope you like it. In the business since 2010.
Emilio Močibob
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Emilio Močibob

Photographer, reporter and promoter for various off road competitions. Owner of the website. We are reporting from the biggest European events and we are trying to do a good job. I hope you like it. In the business since 2010.

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