Xtrem Challenge Portugal 2016 Xtrem Challenge Portugal 2016 - June 16 saw the launch of one of the Europe’s most demanding 4×4 extreme off-road events. Located in Caminha in province Viana do Castelo, baptized as Xtrem Challenge Portugal. The Xtrem Challenge Portugal 2016 was an extremely tough challenge for all 4×4 racers who dream of having a  rocky adventure in a beautiful mediterranean country. Related Post Abenteuer Allrad 2016 photos! … Continue reading Xtrem Challenge Portugal 2016
ultra4 europe king of italy 2016 Ultra4 Europe King of Italy 2016 - King of Italy 2016 – It is no longer possible to imagine top-class Ultra4 sport without the three-day event held on the grounds of Varano de Melegari in Italy. Besides racers from Italy, the event in the heart of Europe also attracts a highly international crowd. Related Post Croatia Trophy 2016 – Meet the heroes! King of France … Continue reading Ultra4 Europe King of Italy 2016
ladoga trophy 2016 Ladoga Trophy 2016 Photo Gallery - So many real off roaders have the Ladoga Trophy on their “to do” list. Not a lot of them manage to visit it. Finishing the Ladoga Trophy 2016 was a whole new story. As always, this edition of Ladoga Trophy was again a great success. So much people take care of it. Here’s a Ladoga Trophy … Continue reading Ladoga Trophy 2016 Photo Gallery
FB_IMG_1433759249372 Xtrem Challenge Portugal 2016 ready for the EXC Show - Portuguese Caminha in province of Viana do Castelo will host the third round of the European Xtreme Challenge 2016. Xtrem Challenge Portugal has a long tradition in Viana do Castelo but this will be the first time to host a round of Europe Xtrem Championship organized by the French “Equipe France Classique”. Related Post OTA … Continue reading Xtrem Challenge Portugal 2016 ready for the EXC Show
traction4x4 On sale at Traction4x4 - No matter what a shopping website sells, it should provide value and quality, make shopping easy, deliver products on time, and provide good customer support. To see how that works, we paid a visit to Traction4x4 website and found some great products on sale NOW. Here’s a few listed products and you can find everything else … Continue reading On sale at Traction4x4
5 King of France 2016 through the eyes of ACE Racing - King of Italy 2016, 2nd race of the Ultra4 Europe championship will take place from June 17th to June 19th. As a way to introduce the oncoming King od Italy, we are publishing a report written by ACE Racing from Italy. Here’s a report of their experience at King of France. ACE Racing is a … Continue reading King of France 2016 through the eyes of ACE Racing

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