FB_IMG_1433759330206 Xtrem Challenge Portugal 2016 - The Xtrem Challenge Portugal 2016 will start on 16th of June. With a long and successful history, this race has been recognized and recently became a part of the Europe Xtrem Challenge 2016 – EXC 2016. Related Post Europe Xtreme Challenge championship 2016! RFC Balkans 2015 Bulgaria off road Wilderness Lighting to sponsor King of … Continue reading Xtrem Challenge Portugal 2016
Sunday (10)_800x533 King of France 2016 report, Ultra4 Europe - Emanuel Costa and Gerardo Sampaio are now leading the Ultra4 Europe Championship following a race in France. After many problems last year, a dramatic battle at King of France 2016 has finally happened. Another great team we have to mention finished on 5th place. A shinning star in the sky of European 4×4 scene. Driving a Nissan Patrol, … Continue reading King of France 2016 report, Ultra4 Europe
maz 543 army truck Top 8 Russian off road vehicles - Some of the vehicles we are writing about in this post are built for fun but most of these are designed for safety, army purposes or delivering of food and neccessary supplies to remote Siberian areas. We are talking about all kinds of obstacles. Swamps, snow, narrow forests, extremely low temperatures… This technology is fully consistent with the … Continue reading Top 8 Russian off road vehicles
hero_article-2168061-13E6FD3B000005DC-911_634x418 And why is this man a legend? Emile Leray, a desert warrior! - To be lost in the desert, not many people can experience it or explain the feeling. The strong and those who have the guts to try hard. And try again when they fail. There’s not a lot of them, people like Thierry Sabine or other adventurers. For them, dunes and sandstorms feel like home… Related Post … Continue reading And why is this man a legend? Emile Leray, a desert warrior!
attimis xtc 2016 What are internal beadlocks? - Have you ever been in a situation without a solution to get out of that sticky mud? Of course you were. But eventually, you found a solution. Was it a winch? Was there a friend with you? There’s always a solution. But do you know that airing down your tires can help? Related Post And why … Continue reading What are internal beadlocks?
attimis xtc utv XTC Italy – Attimis 2016 - Attimis has once again hosted a race that is a part of the Xtreme Trophy Challenge Italy 2016 and Europe Xtreme Challenge 2016. It gathered a number of off road lovers. We’ve also seen three teams from neighbouring Austria and a team coming all the way from Spain. Related Post British SXS Racing Championship Croatia Trophy … Continue reading XTC Italy – Attimis 2016

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